Fritillary Butterfly Earrings

Fritillary Butterfly Earrings

$ 45.00

Unique Fritillary Butterfly hind wing.  Rich brown with beautiful silvery spots. Fritillaries are fast fliers seen feeding on Black-Eyed Susans and thistles in mid-summer to early fall.  Usually spotted in open fields, valleys and pastures.

Approximately 1/2" x 3/4" on sterling silver ear hooks with silver and Tourmaline beads.

“Tourmaline can be used to attract inspiration, to diminish fear by promoting understanding, and to encourage self-confidence.  It provides for a balancing of the male/female energies within the body; it further provides for balancing of the mind, of the energy centers and of the auric body, inducing the alignment of the mental processes and the chakras with the ethereal structure.”

*from Love is in the Earth

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