Ametrine and Garnet

Ametrine and Garnet

$ 22.00

Faceted Ametrine and garnet gemstones on sterling silver ear hooks.

"Ametrine is a mixing of citrine and amethyst.  It is a stone to enhance universal equilibrium and provides a clear connection between the physical form and the ultimate state of perfection.  It provides for balancing of the male/female qualities and for an intellectual synthesis of spirituality.  It stimulates the intellect to reach beyond the worldly aspects toward the development of consciousness.  It facilitates the release of blockages, allowing for the release of tension"

"Garnet is a stone of health, extracting negative energy from the chakras, and transmuting the energy to the beneficial state.  It is also been known as a stone of commitment - to purpose, to others, and to oneself.  The loving powers of garnet tied to reflect the attributes of devotion bringing the love of others to expressions of warmth and understanding.  It is quite helpful in moods of abandonment, allowing one to realize that surrender to discontinuity brings freshness to ones life."

*from Love is in the Earth

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