Copper Red Spotted Purple

Copper Red Spotted Purple

$ 50.00

The Red Spotted Purple hind wing has amazing iridescent green and blue scales that when viewed in sunlight display an array of color variations The Red-Spotted Purple mimics the Pipevine Swallowtails, thus gaining protection from birds.

Two hind wings are encased in 1" glass circles with oxidized copper.

Custom length for natural brass chain available

lead and nickel free


May Swenson mentions it in her poem Unconscious Came A Beauty:


                         Unconscious                               U
                  came a beauty to my                         n
               wrist                                                    c
              and stopped my pencil,                         o
         merged its shadow profile with                   n
      my hand's ghost                                            s
   on the page:                                                     c
   Red Spotted Purple or else Mourning               i
Cloak,                                                                o
paired thin-as-paper wings, near black,               u
were edged on the seam side poppy orange,        s
  as were its spots.                                                        

           C a m e  a  B e a u t y

 I sat arrested, for its soot-haired
 body's worm
 shone in the sun.
 It bent its tongue long as
  a leg
  black on my skin
    and clung without my
     while its tomb-stained
        duplicate parts of
          a window opened.
           And then I

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